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Best Gaming Glasses [Full Review]

Are you a gamer? Or do you play games for late night? Then you must use these gaming glasses. When you play games late night and consistently look to the screen without any break. Your eyes are tired and it usually affects your brain. In this article we will tell you about the best gaming glasses you should buy.

Why Gaming Glasses?

When you play games and sit in front of the screen your eyes gets tired and stretched this may cause headache. These screens emit large number of rays that directly harm your eyes. Many companies had made glasses that can be used while playing game.

These glasses have different color as compare to simple glasses. That is why these glasses give more contrast while you are looking to the screen. These glasses are more efficient and the best thing is that they are dust and water resistant.

One of the best reasons to buy these glasses is that your eyes will be protected from many harmful rays. These gaming glasses come in verity of prices with verity of features. We will give you the full review on these glasses so it is easy to buy perfect gaming glasses.

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Factors To Be Considered While Buying Gaming Glasses


While buying glasses you should check the material of glass because it matters a lot. Only the protection of eyes doesn’t matters, you also have to look the material. Whenever you buy the glasses you should check the material if it is hard or stretchable because hard material never works. One of the most important things is that the material should be anti-reflective.


The second factor that should be considered is that you should buy the exact size glasses for your eyes. Whenever you buy the glasses it shouldn’t be loose or tight because it will affect your eyes. These gasses should be really fixed on your eyes so that you are really comfortable while wearing them.

NameWeightBrand Name 
Gunnar Optiks VER-067011.28 ouncesGunnar Optiks Check Price
GAMEKING ULTRA G6040.64 ouncesGAMEKING Check Price
Gunnar Optiks INT-067011.12 ouncesGunnar Optiks Check Price
HyperX Gaming Eyewear11.5 ouncesHyperX Check Price
Bukos Gaming Glasses3.2 ouncesBukos Check Price
Haus Gaming Glasses1.12 ouncesGunnar Optiks Check Price
GAMEKING ULTRA 80010.64 ouncesGAMEKING Check Price
Defender Shield Gaming Glasses0.84 ouncesDefender Shield Check Price
Gunnar Optiks Micron2.4 ouncesGunnar Optiks Check Price
MLG Micron 2.4 ouncesGunnar Optiks Check Price

Here is how we choose best gaming glasses for you

Making a list of best things for you is not really easy. We first take the product and then use it and after that we check it while there is a problem or not.

After that the product is checked under the experts and after the product is fully analyzed we make a report on it. Our list is based on personal experience and after that the final review is given to you so that you can select the best one.

The main reason behind the personal experience is that it is easy for the buyers to get that product which has been reviewed. The buyer has a choice so that he could buy the perfect thing for himself.

Gunnar Optiks VER-06701gaming glasses

In our list the first one is from gunnar optics. This company is has created one of the best glasses and is providing all over the world. The company has provided many gaming glasses for their customers as they know what the market needs.


  • Blocks Blue Light
  • Anti glare
  • Comfortable
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Improves Clarity

Gunnar Optiks VER-06701 Review

These gaming glasses really help you at night when you are using your laptop or phone. They help you by protecting from high energy blue light that is emitted by the devices which you are using. One of the best things in these glasses is that they protect your eyes from dangerous radiations.

These glasses also protect you from ultra violet rays. It blocks 65% of harmful blue light and 100% of ultra violet. They have a perfect design and are very comfortable while wearing it. The material used in these glasses is smooth so that it does not break if it feels any pressure.

When you wear these glasses it will help you to reduce headache if it occurs due to your eye sight problem. Well the company had created this model with all the problems keeping in mind that people face. When you look at the screen for a long time you will some pain in eyes and there will be some strain. That is why these glasses help you a lot while doing work on the screens.

These gaming glasses come in two colors Smoke color and Amber. The light weight of the glass helps you to easily fit on your face. They are made with anti reflective coatings and they have a focusing power of 0.20 mag. Focusing power help you when you are playing at night in the dark.

We have used 2 to 3 glasses and one of these glasses was week. When we were using the glasses the screws were getting loose and after that the glass was broken due to loosen screws. But it is not a big problem as you can change it by asking the company to replace the product.

Overall this product is not so much strong as compare to other products. We have also reviewed other glasses of same company and they were somehow better than this model.

GAMEKING ULTRA G604gaming glasses

GameKing is another company that made gadgets related to games. The company is improving day by day and is making new products every day. The main focus of the company is on to improve their products day by and bring something new to gaming world.


  • Anti Blue Light & UV
  • Premium Nylon Lenses
  • Stylish Frame
  • Flexible Frame
  • Lifetime breakage guarantee



GAMEKING ULTRA G604 comes with more options as compare to previous one. These gaming glasses have a premium nylon lenses attached that are really reliable and have more efficiency to work. The G604 model gives more contrast when viewing the screen. These lenses have the ability of filtering harmful blue light that is in the 400 to 440 nm wavelength.

The material used in these glasses is pretty light and strong enough to handle pressure. One of the best things in this material is that these glasses are really flexible. If you look at the designs you will definitely love it. When we were reviewing this model, it was quite different from the first one.

These glasses come with the size which really fits with your face and because of its flexibility they will never disturb you. When we used it in front of the screen, the results were really amazing and as my personal experience I was feeling that there is nothing in front of my eyes.

With these glasses you don’t have to worry about eyes strains or glares because these glasses come with the anti reflective coating lens. While using this model it will reduce your headache to zero, because the company had really focused on the health while making this model. These glasses really help you when you are playing at night.

These gaming glasses have passed the FDA Drop ball test and this means that it is safe. The premium ultra high elastic amber will never cause any scattering of light while wearing them. So if you are looking for the gaming glasses with awesome design and features then this model is best for you.

There is one defect which we found in this model is that it will only reduce the eyes strain up to some extinct. But if we use it for a while and bought a model that fits on the face then it will definitely reduces eyes strain. Furthermore this model really helps you to decrease the headache.

As a whole this model comes in the reasonable price with one of the best features in it. The style is also somehow different from other models and also the weight of this model is very less as compare to other. This model of gaming glasses is a full package of features in very reasonable price.

Gunnar Optiks INT-06701gaming glasses

This is the second model from the gunnar optiks in our list. As I told you first that this company has a full focus on providing best glasses to the customers. This company is improving its products day by day, as this is company which provides glasses so they must have worked to make gaming glasses also.


  • Protects Eyes
  • Large frame
  • Stylish Design
  • Anti-glare
  • Comfortable and flexible

Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 Review

This model comes with the same features as the first one but you know that company always made improvements in the next model. The model comes with comfortable and flexible frame that allows you to have no worries regarding it.

These glasses are mainly design to protect your eyes and that is why the company has worked really hard to protect the eyes from rays. The model has the ability to resist almost 60% of blue light and 100% of ultra violet rays.

The design of these glasses is really cool and stylish. This design fits with everyone and one of the best things is that it is very flexible. The frame of the glasses little bit larger and it really gives some extra touch to its style. While the amazing thing is that this frame easily covers your eyes and protect from rays.

Furthermore they allow you to sleep better because they reduce eyes strain. Eyes strain is one of the main issues that is faced by every gamer so company has now provided gaming glasses that reduces your eyes strain. Due to eyes strain you will face headache and eye fatigue issues. So if you want to get rid of these issues then you should really buy this model.

Whenever you buy gaming glasses you should check that how much it reflects the rays and is it anti reflecting or not? After that you should check that are they comfortable with your face or not. This amazing model is also approved by FDA that means that it is somehow better than the previous model of the company.

While we have reviewed the whole model and checked all the features that should be kept in mind while buying gaming glasses. But it’s also our duty to tell you what is better for you. While we were checking the model, we found that it is not really comfortable with your eyes. If you want to buy this model then you should be really curious regarding to its size.

The size really matters because it will hurt if you wear tight frame and it will not be stable if you wear loose frame. If you have a small face then I will recommend you to choose other model because the lens frame is little bit big from other models.

Over all this model is very good but its price is little bit higher than the other models. If you want the glasses that are flexible and comfortable then I will recommend you to buy this model. This model comes with all the features that should be available in the gaming glasses.

HyperX Gaming Eyeweargaming glasses

HyperX is the company that only creates gaming devices like GAMEKING. The company has created a lot of devices that are really helping to the gamers. It has a great amount of products that are being sold all over the world. The company has made its name in the market and it has more happy customers than other companies.


  • Comfortable
  • Well designed
  • MR-8 Lens
  • Versatile
  • Rays Protected


HyperX Gaming Eyewear Review

HyerX Gaming eye wear is different than other models in our list. These gaming glasses are reviewed under experts and they personally loved this model. This model is really comfortable and well designed. As it comes only in one color but it is the mixture of red and black and it looks really awesome in this color.

This model comes with MR-8 lens installed in it. These lenses have the ability to resist any type of rays. As you know screens only emit blue light and ultra violets so you don’t have to worry about that because it resist almost every ray.

One of the differences which I found is that the lenses are color less. You can see the previous models and you will see that the color of lenses is mixture of yellow and orange. Don’t worry about that because it is somehow improvement in the lenses. These lenses give you more contrast and viewing result. These crystal clear MR-8 premium lenses improve viewing experience a lot.

This durable HyperX Gaming Eyewear has a very light weight and It will never disturb you if you wear headphones with it. The company has designed these glasses really comfortable. While reviewing these glasses I found that the material used in these gaming glasses were different and it was like it is made of glass.

The other thing is that this model is enough stronger to bear pressure. With these glasses you will get a hard shell case so that you can put glasses in that case while you are not using it. As I told you first that it has MR-8 premium lens so it will reflect and resist any rays and that will help to decrease eyes strain.

These gaming glasses are so strong that if you want to sleep wearing glasses then you will not have to worry about that. Personally I loved this model that has been released by HyperX.

The price of these gaming glasses is little bit high from other models but it is the full package of features and the most important thing is that it is more durable. So if you are investing money on it then you don’t have to worry about it because it will spend a longer time then than the other glasses.

If you want these glasses to be used perfectly then I recommend you to order the exact size which fits your face. If you will not order the exact size then there are some possibilities that you will face eyes strain or headache problems.

Overall these glasses are the best gaming glasses but as I told you first that its price is little bit higher than the others. But If you want strong glasses with a lot of features then I would recommend you to get this model as it comes with perfect and eye catching design.

Bukos Gaming Glassesgaming glasses

Bukos is also another company that made eye protecting glasses for computer users. This company is located in Hawaii. These company products fulfill all the requirements that are needed by user. The company has improved sales and customers trust day by day. The company provides FDA approved lens that means that you are free to worry about your glasses lens.


  • FDA approved Glasses
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Reasonable Price
  • Color less lens

Bukos Gaming Glasses Review

Bukos has provided the best gaming glasses in reasonable prices. These glasses have FDA approved lens that means that the lenses have been tested before using it. Lenses will be much stronger to bear any pressure on it. The best thing is that they will be dirt resistant.

These gaming glasses are really comfortable and weight is also very less. Whenever you buy glasses you should be kept in mind that the weight of glasses should be less. The more the less weight will be, the less it will hurts you.

These glasses are so much flexible that it will never break and they will easily bear any type of pressure but you should take care. This model has all the features that you want in and one of the most important things is that it reduces eyes strain and headache.

The company did so well to create such an ordinary product that you avail in a cheap price. This model can be used for a long term if you take care of it. If you look at the design it looks pretty awesome and eye catching. If you look at the lenses you will see that they are colorless and I personally like this feature.

The arms of the glasses have a silver touch that looks very great and this is one of the factors that make this product really strong. These arms are made of TR90 plastic that is strong enough to bear any pressure. This material is also known as the strength and flexibility master.

These gaming glasses come with the professional hard case so that if you are not using them you can put them into case. This case is a lot safer for putting your glasses in it. If you are going somewhere or travelling so you can put these glasses into case and put the case into bag. I really love glasses case because you don’t have to worry about breaking of glasses.

Somehow this model is the full package of features in very cheap rate but there are some problems that can be fixed easily. One is that if you not order the exact size that fits on you face then you will feel pain on the ears. The second is that if you will take care of it you will never be disappointed.

As a whole this model has all the features in very cheap price and if you have any problem regarding them, you can contact the customer service and they will help you. These glasses protect you from blue light and ultra violet rays. They can be also used if you have eye strains. So if you want glasses for you in cheap prices then these are best for you.

Haus Gaming Glasses By Gunnar Optiksgaming glasses

This is the third model from gunnar optiks and as I told you first that it is the company which only works on glasses. We have reviewed many products from gunnar optiks and we felt that there is a lot of change in every model. The company is really focusing on its products and improving day by day.


  • Well designed
  • Reduces Eyes strain
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Less weight

Haus Gaming Glasses Review

Haus is the one of the best models from Gunnar opticks and it is little bit pricy as compare to its other models. But if you want the thing that should be work for a long term then you have to invest some money.

These gaming glasses are somehow different from other models as they have lenses with yellow color. The color of lenses doesn’t matters so much, the thing which matters is that are you feeling comfortable with it or not? Our experts have reviewed these glasses and they really loved it.

These glasses are really comfortable to wear and you will not feel any weight while wearing them. The company has created different design this time and obviously these glasses protect blue light from screens. If you want gaming glasses then they should have light protecting lens installed in it.

The frame of this model has been changed and the material used in building this model is very flexible. The main thing in this model is that it prevents long and short term damages like macular degeneration and cataracts. This model also protects and helps in the reduction melatonin production.

These glasses help when you are sleeping. You can sleep better and comfortably because of these glasses. As I told you that they reduce eyes strains, headache and blocks blue light which affects circadian of your body. Because of anti reflective coatings these glasses really help you in minimizing headaches.

These glasses have been approved by FDA that means they are dirt and scratch resistant. This model has a very light weight and it is made with very comfortable and durable material. The best thing is that it really fits with your face if you ordered the fixed size.

These glasses complete all the user requirements but as I told you first that it is little pricy as compare to older models. As a whole this model really works really well and I assure you if you want that you product should be used for a long term then you have to do some investment.

If you want protection case with these glasses then you have to give extra. These gaming glasses works really well but if you want to work these glasses perfect for you then you have take care of these and while ordering you  must be accurate with size.

GAMEKING ULTRA 8001gaming glasses

Ultra 8001 is the second model in our list from GAMEKING and seriously they have given some new looks to their products. Ultra 8001 have been made with all the features in it. This company made all the gaming gadgets and improves day by day.  You will really feel the difference between this model and the previous model which I told you.


  • Anti Blue Light & UV
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish Design
  • Flexible and non breakable
  • Super Durable


If you have read the specifications then you are cleared what changes the company has made with this model. The model looks pretty awesome if you look at the design. These glasses are made with the super durable and unbreakable material so that they can bear any pressure.

These glasses are made with TR90 plastic material that allows the model to long last. The arms of the products are made of silicon and are very comfortable. The weight of this model is very light and the surface is also very smooth.

I really liked the design and when it was reviewed under experts it worked really well. This model has a very reasonable price and It is a lot cheaper than the other models. I have used this product for my computer work and it gives really awesome and quality result as compare to others. There was a lot of contrast in it.

This model comes with one piece nose support that brings a lot comfort while wearing. This nose support really works well and fits with your nose and you will not feel any pain or stress while wearing them. While buying glasses it should be kept in mind that you don’t feel any pain while wearing it.

Furthermore, this model also protects blue light with ultra violets. If you forgot to remove the glasses while sleeping then not to worry about they are strong enough to bear the pressure easily. It comes with the hard case so that if you are travelling or going outside, you can put them in the case and move freely.

This model has anti reflective coating that helps to minimize glares. As you know that these glasses are only for eyes health purpose so you can trust on this product. This product comes with a reasonable price and it has all the features which you need. The design is also loved by everyone.

It’s our duty to tell you if there is any problem in the product. This model really works well but if you will not take care of the lenses then you will find some layer on it. This model has been loved by every gamer but I assure you that please order the exact size because it can lead you to many problems.

Defender Shield Gaming Glassesgaming glasses

Defender sheild is another company that makes protection products for cell phones and computers. This company provides laptop shields, mobile cases and protection glasses. The company is improving its products day by day so that customers have some trust on the company.


  • Composite Frames
  • Anti – reflective Lenses
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Anti – Smudge Coatings

Defender Shield Gaming Glasses Review

These gaming glasses have a composite frame and they have a very less weight. The design looks pretty awesome and little bit different from others. Frame is high end hypoallergenic and strong enough to bear any pressure.

The lenses come in two colors orange and yellow but there is only difference in color. These lenses give some better contrast while watching something. Company has provided one piece nose support that will not hurt you nose while wearing it.

The price of these glasses is reasonable as compare to others. The best thing is that the material used in these glasses is non breakable. Lenses are anti reflective and anti scratch. These lenses come with anti smudge coating that helps them to give great results.

This model also protects your eyes from blue light and ultra violets. These lenses are CR-90 and these are light weight and shatterproof. These glasses are really simple in look with all the features in it.  The frame is highly stretchable and it has the ability to bear any pressure.

One of the best things in these yellow lens glasses is that it filters 50% of blue light but when you will use it, you will definitely feel no light harming your eyes. The orange lens filters almost 99% of blue light, so now you have the choice to buy the product in same price.

Overall these gaming glasses are awesome and these glasses allow all the features that are needed. The price is also very reasonable as compare to others and if you check the quality.

Gunnar Optiks Microngaming glasses

This is the fourth model from the same company gunnar optiks. As I told you that company have been working for many years on the glasses so it is the duty of the company to bring best technology every day.


  • Protect Eyes
  • Blocks Blue Light
  • Reduces Eye strain
  • Stylish Design
  • Flexible and non breakable

Gunnar Optiks Micron Review

Micron comes with all the features that allow protecting your eyes. You can use these glasses while watching tv or driving car. It comes with the features that block any type of harmful light. This model has been well designed and can be used by both men and women.

These glasses reduce your eyes strain and it will almost decrease your headache also. These glasses are really comfortable and very strong to bear pressure. This model comes in many colors so now you can choose the color which looks best on you.

One of the best things is that the lenses that are installed in it come with the color that your desired frame color is. The company has improved a lot and it is bringing new products with new change every day.

These glasses are very comfortable and you don’t have to worry if you wear them while sleeping. The material that has been used in this model is very flexible and non breakable.

These gaming glasses work for everyone and come with a lot of features with the reasonable prices. As I told you first, If you want the long working thing then you have spend some dollars on it.

MLG Micron By Gunnar Optiksgaming glasses

In our top 10 list this is the last model that we will discuss in our article. MLG Micron has been made by Gunnar Optiks. The company is providing one of the best glasses for many years. This company has made its name in the whole world and improving its products day by day.


  • Non breakable
  • Protects any harmful light
  • Design Updated
  • Reasonable Price
  • Anti Glare
  • Reduces Eye Fatigue

MLG Micron By Gunnar Optiks Review

MLG Micron is the new update from the company and it has been sold very much in very less time period. If you want to sleep better then you must use MLG Micron. These glasses are pretty good and almost every doctor recommends you.

This model has been really loved by the customers because it has a reasonable price and it works for a long time. These gaming glasses are non breakable and they protect your eyes from almost every light. These glasses block 65% of blue light and 100% of UV.

The material that has been used has a very less weight. This will never cause you any pain in your eyes or nose. These gaming glasses have one piece nose support and it is really good for the nose. This model comes only in one color but it can be used by both men and women.

The arms of these glasses are made of stretchable plastic so that they can easily fit with your face. As a whole these glasses are really awesome and they don’t cost really much.

Final Verdict

We made the list of top 10 products every day by analyzing every product under experts. We make the full results and after that we tell you what is good for you. In this list we recommend you the best one from all over the world but it depend upon you which one you like. As a reviewer I think GAMEKING ULTRA 8001 comes with the best features and material and I would definitely recommend this to you. Now it depends upon you which one you like the most.

Now It’s Your Turn

We have searched the best products for you and it is our duty to get the best thing for you. Now it is your turn to tell us which product looks best for you.

We would really appreciate if you tell us our concerns so we can figure it out. If we missed something you can tell us in the comments…

Till then Good Luck!

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